Evolution Updates

After a season spent bracing himself in the factory seats, Dan has decided to upgrade his workplace. In lieu of the factory Recaros, Dan will be using a Sparco Rev fixed position seat with a Schroth 6-point harness, compliments of our friends at Meyer Motorsports. While seat rails and brackets are available for purchase, we’ve decided that the hundreds of dollars for simple steel could be better utilized elsewhere, therefore we’ve decided to fabricate our own brackets. Using mild steel, a simple mounting solution was devised to safely and securely install the Sparco in the Evolution.

If you were to combine all of the parts in our garage, you would end up with roughly 1.5 Evolutions.

Due to the side mount design of the seat, we were able to position the seat much lower in the cockpit, thereby decreasing the center of gravity of the Evolution and giving Dan a better driving position. Be sure to check the gallery section for more photos of the install as well as other Evolution updates!

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