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Have you ever been at the track, making all the grip, when you notice your car isn’t tracking straight all of a sudden? If you have a MacPherson strut suspension, the camber bolts on the strut can slip, causing alignment issues. Professional Awesome has devised a simple solution that will lock your strut camber in either the maximum or minimum position. This helps maximize safety by minimize the risk of random alignment changes in the middle of a turn!

We currently offer 3 options:

  • Camber Lock A was designed to be used on the front suspension of 2001-2006 Mitsubishi Evolution CT9As with Fortune Auto coilovers. (We have confirmed these locks do not work with the Evo VII, VIII & IX Öhlins Road & Track coilovers.)
  • Camber Lock B was designed to be used on the front suspension of 7th generation, 2001-2005 Honda Civics with Fortune Auto coilovers. (This works on 2000-2006 Honda Insights with a K-Swap and EM2 upright as well!)
  • Camber Lock C was designed to be used on… well, we can’t remember.

It is up to you to determine which camber locks work on your vehicle and coilovers specifically!

Click on the different options above to get the different dimensions available.

Sold in packs of 4, enough for 2 corners of your vehicle.

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Camber Lock A, Camber Lock B, Camber Lock C


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