Progress on the Evolution: Crunch Time!

This has been a big week for Professional Awesome so far, with the Evolution being fully stripped and getting a full interior and engine bay painting, wiring rework, and a refreshing of the engine.


Grant, attacking the wiring harness of the Evolution.

The engine bay and interior are going to be painted a lovely shade of flat gray for a variety of reasons. While not the most eye-catching hue, Ford Gray does a good job of giving the bay and interior a clean and completed look. Aside from the professional appearance, the paint will also serve as a good indicator to whether or not the Evolution is leaking any fluids during the season, while the gray interior will give our drivers a non-reflective surface, so that all focus can be on track, rather than dodging glare.


The front end after a few coats of paint. Feels weird painting an import with “Ford Gray” paint…

While on the subject of a clean interior, any item that could be legally removed as per Redline Time Attack’s rules has found its way out of the car (and subsequently into the kitchen, living room, bedrooms, hallways, bathrooms…) With a much lighter and stiffer chassis, we expect the Evolution to be a completely different driving experience compared to its last season. Not to say that the car was a slouch last year, but we expect to remove many a second from our previous track records.


Chipping away at the sound deadening, cleaning the car in preparation for paint. Good thing I had the respirator on, we were using some strong chemicals!

When is the first chance to see what the car is truly capable of? Two weeks. Looks like we have some work ahead of us!

Check out the build gallery to see an engine rebuilt by Grant and Mike, our fancy and impressive Cosworth FSL Metal Head Gasket and ARP Bolts, and last, but certainly not least, our new gray engine bay and interior!

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