So Close…

Some of our loyal readers out there may have noticed the recent drought of Professional Awesome updates and may have wondered why there was the sudden drop off. We can explain, I swear.

As expected, building a race car demands a lot of time and because of this, we haven’t been spending any real amount of time on the computer. Since it’s my sworn duty as webmaster, I feel compelled to update you all on the status of the Evolution.

To some, a roll cage is just necessary precaution. We here at PA! decided we should have a little fun with our safety.

It’s on the ground after ~5 months of being propped up on jack stands, it has a choice green roll cage, Dan has a new Sparco Evo 2 Plus seat, the interior is all installed, the engine and transmission are ready for action, and we are on schedule for testing this weekend.

Today saw the last big purchases take place as we finally ordered tires (big thanks to Jim at Discount Tire – your shirt will be ready soon) and I finally stopped dragging my feet and ordered my racing gear from Sparco (awesome service there, and awesome products!) so we should be all set come Friday. Grant and Mike have been working at a frantic pace to get the Evolution all set for track duty and it looks that the long hours have paid off! It looks as though these guys know what they’re doing when they’re building a race car, which is nice.

All that’s left is to mount the tires, make a seat bracket for yours truly, make a front splitter, put on the doors, fenders, and hood, buy a van, buy a trailer, break in the engine and transmission, and mount our newly powdercoated wheels by Friday.

It was a shared emotion when we realized how much work was left to be done by Friday.

…Considering how much work we had ahead of us last week, I say we’re right on schedule.

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