The FedEx and UPS Men Know us by Name.

Is it a bad thing when the UPS and FedEx delivery drivers know you by name? Well, this is the case now, as we’ve been seeing a very steady influx of performance parts at our base of operations. This month, KW Suspensions and 5Zigen made two large deliveries, our Raybestos brake pads and Titanium backing plates arrived from GiroDisc, and we still have more parts inbound.


“Race Winning Parts” for those who don’t sprech Deutsche. These live up to their title, we saw a drop of over 3 seconds on our lap times in testing after switching to KW!


Last month, JM Fabrications’ Lower Intercooler Pipe found its way to our doorstep accompanied by BLOX Racing’s Engine Mount and Chro-Moly Lugs along with Cosworth’s FSL Metal Headgasket.


The BLOX racing products garner looks of genuine excitement! Seriously nice stuff here, folks!


Every day at Professional Awesome headquarters feels like Christmas, but the real present is going to be getting all of these shiny new parts covered in track grime…



The Cosworth FSL Metal Headgasket, modeled by yours truly.



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