The Name’s Giles, Devin Stiglitz Giles

It’s been over a year now that I have been a part of Professional Awesome and I thought the time was right to say hello. Oh wait, I forgot to tell you who “I” was. I go by Devin Stiglitz Giles and I was brought aboard to diversify the team and increase the readership of our 55+ female demographic. So far, so good. On a serious note, I’m here to help with the team’s social media stuff, create content, tease Dan and help out where I can.

Remember that time last year when the team broke a transmission at Super Lap Battle and it was live streamed on Facebook? That was me, keeping the fans up-to-date. You can see me lurking in the background of some of the photos after events. I kind of look like a creep now that I think about it.

I also do the time attack thing as well. I compete in the S2000 you see above. Her name is Sheri or Lafanduh, although I’m starting to lean towards Lafanduh as long as it’s not racist. Is it racist if I am black? Isn’t she beautiful? Why do I keep asking questions?

I travel for a living so I get to meet a lot of race car friends around the country. I’ll be using this blog to post about some of the people and cars that I encounter. Generally, something short, brief and in my own words. Fingers crossed, I hope you like what’s coming up and the plan is to make a post about my car first. I’m in Cleveland as of 10-28-17 and I don’t know anyone in this weird place, so that gives me time to write, but enough for now. Stay tuned for a fresh article, next time, on a new episode of Dragon Ball Z!

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