Weekend Debrief

As the seasons turn and another harsh Midwest winter readies itself for a four month assault of ice and snow, the Professional Awesome team made one last trip to Gingerman Raceway (link). The team attended a track day organized by Three Balls Racing (link) to give the PA Evolution VII one last shakedown before it hibernates for the winter.

Entering turn 1. Thanks to its location and cheap entrance fees ($60!) we spend a lot of time at Gingerman Raceway.

Dan had changed out the rear springs for a pair of higher rate springs in an attempt to further sharpen the PA Evolution VII’s handling. Coupled with the use of Nitto’s NT01 tires, the suspension tweaks worked, with Dan setting the fastest time of the day, with an improvement of over 6 seconds from the last Gingerman outing earlier in the season.

It looks as though Professional Awesome will be ending the season on a high note and we are all looking forward to spending the winter months further developing the abilities of the PA Evolution VII. 2010 should prove to be a fantastic season for Professional Awesome and we already can’t wait until our next chance to get to the track!

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