“Where Did You Get That Splitter?”

“From our garage.” we all replied.

The first Professional Awesome splitter attracted a number of fans during our testing session at Gingerman.

Ever since our debut at Gingerman last weekend and after posting images of the track day, people have been asking all about our splitter. The splitter was designed and built by Grant and Mike in the PA! Garage using a combination of high quality materials, some engineering know-how, and desire to live up to the team name. Dan and I both can vouch for the splitter’s effectiveness, as we were able to conquer the higher speed sections of Gingerman with a level of stability that we had never experienced in the Evolution.


Our splitters are designed to be both very stable and easy to remove so you can easily work on your car.

While I can’t comment entirely on the process and materials used (that’s proprietary stuff now!) Grant and Mike may chime in later when they feel that the aero package for the Evolution has been perfected. What I will say is this – the process is repeatable, the materials are high quality, and the splitter is definitely working. During testing, the splitter was developing enough downforce to where the turnbuckles would become loose after high speed testing. This, of course, has been remedied, but still serves as a good illustration of the level of force that the splitter is developing.

Grant, working on the splitter well before (3am the morning of) our first testing day.

Currently, Grant and Mike are developing the PA! Rear Diffuser to work in combination with the front splitter. Progress is coming along very well and it looks like the PA! Evolution will be a very stable car this season. Be sure to come take a look at their handiwork at the New Jersey event! If you like what you see, check our Products section and contact us to discuss your own aerodynamics package!

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