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  • Revised design for improved strength and the same great performance!
  • Designed and optimized using CFD to ensure the best possible performance.
  • Once installed, diffusers create a low-pressure transition zone that greatly increase the downforce potential of any splitter.
  • Designed to be installed on an otherwise flat splitter, instantly turning it into a high-end, active front element for a fraction of the price.
  • Use in conjunction with our universal vents to maximize downforce gains.
  • Engineered and manufactured in the U.S.A.
  • Made from high quality, durable ABS plastic.
  • Dimensions: 12″ long, 6″ wide, 2.5″ tall, with a 1″ flange.
  • 2 diffusers included per purchase.

Install tips: Ensure adequate room in front of and behind diffusers to ensure airflow isn’t constricted for maximum performance. Designed to be riveted, bolted or bonded to a splitter. Please ensure your splitter is properly attached to the car. These can, and will, create much more downforce and can rip the splitter from its mounts. YOU’VE BEEN WARNED!

Have more questions about what to do with your new aero parts? Head over to DIY Downforce – How to Design Front Splitters, Diffusers, Flat Bottoms, Wings and more!

Want to know what wing these match with or if these will match your existing wing? Head over to Which front diffuser goes with which wing and visa-versa?

Speed Academy has put together a great video showing how to install our diffusers to your splitter. Check it out!


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Weight.94 lbs
Dimensions12.9 × 7.9 × 3.49 in

6 reviews for Professional Awesome Splitter Diffusers – Pair

  1. James Houghton

    We have used this awesome product as is in splitters that were already built and flat. We have also used them as a template in large carbon splitters. There is a huge increase in downforce when using these over a simple flat splitter. We have set many class and track records while using this design and have nothing but great things to say about them.

  2. Shawn Krebsbach

    Great product! I installed these in the splitter for my evo 9 time attack car. Super simple install and they definately create more front downforce to help even out my rear wing. Awesome support to get the diffuser in the correct position too!

  3. Ian Girvan

    I immediately felt the difference in fast corners when I installed these. Be ready to dial in extra rear down force to maintain the aero balance and make sure your mountings are up to snuff, because these things work!

  4. Zac Ross

    A bit about my car before I go into details on the diffusers themselves. I race a 2015 Volkswagen GTI in Time Attack. Its been a production class car with no aero until recently. We decided to move the car up into a Street Mod class and create an aero kit for it. Now I can think of maybe 1 or 2 other MK7 GTI’s with real functional aero aside from TCR spec class cars built by VW themselves. So, at this point in a build you have to start fabricating parts like a splitter, louvers, diffusers, etc. yourself. This is where the guys at Professional Awesome come in and make things easy.

    I first heard of Professional Awesome when working with James Houghton last fall at Toronto Motorsports Park. James was helping me out that day with car set up and such and we got to talking about aero and what I should do with the car to be competitive in Street Mod. First thing he said aside from a huge rear wing/airfoil and removing as much weight as possible were diffusers and fender vents from Professional Awesome. Not something the average track enthusiast would even think of.

    Installation was very easy. Simply cut out the area on your splitter where you want to mount and bolt/rivet in place. That’s it. Something so simple helps create a lot more downforce and when they say to secure your splitter they mean it!! I had to use extra aluminum brackets behind the bumper to ensure I had enough support. I don’t have a fancy splitter. Its something that’s still in the works and can clearly be improved on. I can always remove the diffusers when I make a better revision which is also a bonus.

    As the weather improved up here in Toronto we had a chance to get out to the track and do some testing. With our aero kit complete I was extremely happy with the results even though this is not a very high-speed track that rewards aero. Corner speeds improved along with over all stability under hard braking. The diffusers play a big role in the overall aero balance. I can only imagine what a difference these would make on a track like Road Atlanta or Mosport GP and in the next few months we get to find out!

    Overall very pleased with the product. Its not fancy, doesn’t look expensive, made of some crazy carbon material or cost an arm and leg. It’s a well engineered piece of ABS plastic that just functions as it should and when you are chasing that last tenth that’s what counts.

  5. Steve Greene (verified owner)

    Not to be underestimated. As mentioned before, ensure your mounting hardware is strong. These pulled my mounting bolts through my first splitter on my C7 Z. There is a lot of support from professional awesome on mounting and hardware solutions. I definitely recommend these if you are interested in making more downforce.

  6. Feras Qartoumy

    These diffusers are awesome. I needed something to help balance out my rear wing and these did the trick.

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