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Traditionally, splitter supports have either been rigid (rods) or flexible (cables), which both have positive and negative characteristics.

Rigid supports are great; until you slam your splitter into the ground and damage the frame where the rods are mounted AND your splitter AND the rods themselves. Cables will flex in those situations, but will not rigidly hold the splitter otherwise. This can lead to your splitter fluttering and/or not staying in its original place. We thought, why not design a product that has the best characteristics of both?

Our clean-sheet, support rod design, is rigid enough to stop flutter, but will flex and return to its original position when hit aggressively (within reason).

Our simple system uses custom collets that allow for infinitely variable lengths. The base 18″ rods included will accommodate lengths from 4” to 20.” The optional longer rods can be used in up to a 50″ application. All you need to do is attach the provided clevises to your mounting structure and splitter, then measure and cut the rods to your custom length requirements. If you ever need another rod, they are cheap and can quickly be replaced at the track with simple tools.

Exciting Features:

  • Reinforced fiber rods are flexible but have unbelievable tensile strength.
  • Custom collet system makes assembly and installation a breeze.
  • Collets are custom stainless steel for long life.
  • Infinitely adjustable length, just cut the rods to your size requirements (high speed abrasive wheel recommended).
  • Reusable, if you need a different length, buy new rods separately, assemble, and go.

Which Options to Choose:

  • Rods are designed to be cut to length. Choose the rod length that is shortest to meet your needs. Remember, two rods come with each order.
  • Clevises are all metric and interchangeable. The only difference between Fancy Aluminum and Stainless Steel is the look. In most mounting situations, two clevises are hidden from view, which is why we give the option to choose 2 Fancy Aluminum and 2 Stainless Steel.
  • The Titanium Pucks mount under your splitter and are designed to protect your splitter from scraping on the ground. The pucks screw directly into our clevises and sandwich your splitter, holding everything in place. They are replaceable if they become excessively worn. If you go with Titanium Pucks, you will not need Elevator Bolts. Side note, if you have a carbon honeycomb or Alumalite splitter, the Titanium Pucks may be preferred over Elevator bolts for ease of install.
  • Elevator bolts can be used instead of the Titanium Pucks to mount our clevises to your splitter. They have a smooth bottom and a countersunk head that locks into your splitter to keep everything secure. They work particularly well with wood based splitters. Care should be taken when using Elevator bolts with Alumalite as it’s easy to over-tighten and crush the Alumalite. Elevator bolts are not recommended for most carbon fiber splitters.

What’s Included:

  • 2- rods
  • 4- rod ends with compression fittings
  • 4- M8-1.25 thread pitch clevises.
  • Optional “Fancy” Aluminum clevis upgrade available. (This is a purely cosmetic option)
  • 4- clevis pins
  • 4- hitch pin clips
  • Optional 2- M8 elevator bolts (used to attached clevises to your splitter) OR
  • Optional 2- Titanium Splitter Support Pucks (used to attach clevises to your splitter and protect your splitter from impacts with the ground)

Installation Notes:

  • Torque the compression fitting to 20-22 lb-ft. This can be accomplished with a crowfoot wrench.

What elevator bolt should you get?

Words hard? We have a video to help you learn!

Splitter Support Rods and Quick Release Kit Install:

Splitter Support Rods and Quick Release Kit Removal:


Additional information

Weight.93 lbs
Dimensions15 × 2 × 2 in
Rod Length

18", 36", 48"

Clevis Options

Standard M8-1.25, 2 Fancy Aluminum M8-1.25 & 2 Standard M8-1.25, 4 Fancy Aluminum M8-1.25

Pair of Titanium Skid Pucks to Protect Bottom of Splitter

Yes, No

Pair of Elevator Bolts

2-M81.25 20mm length, 2- M8x1.25 25mm length, No thanks

8 reviews for Professional Awesome Splitter Support Rods – Pair

  1. Dusty

    We use these on our race car and even after one or two front collisions, the splitter rods still hold. We like the adjustability of the rod lengths as well.

  2. Dan Foley

    These splitter rods are exactly what I was looking for! Extremely adjustible and durable. They have enough flex to keep from destroying the splitter when it hits the ground while holding it securely in place

  3. Richard Moussa (verified owner)

    Used a set of these splitter rods on my NB Miata. The rods installed in a few minutes and removed all splitter deflection. It was the perfect solution for my issue.

  4. Alessandro

    Those rods are simply incredible. They survived to a 4 wheel off at the corkscrew on a Mustang, but they bent enough to allow me to keep attached the splitter for the following 4 sessions. I’m ordering some others right now as spare. Just trash the other rods and pick those.

  5. Nick (verified owner)

    These splitter rods continue to impress. There really seems to be no downside/compromise to running them unlike cables(flapping around) or metal rods(bending). These splitter rods hold the aero exactly where it should be yet if you come in contact with something they’ve been extremely flexible but with no damage to the rods afterwards. I originally purchased 6 to use with their quick release mounts on my carbon splitter but have only needed 4 since they’ve been so strong. Very easy to cut to any length and adjustments are simple.

  6. Sam Van Heest

    I’ve used a lot of different types of rods/rod ends on aero projects for customers cars and they all had drawbacks or limitations- until I found these. These are by far the best in every category. They are confidence inspiring (knowing your aero will absolutely stay where it should) and the flexibility that is designed into them allows for some deflection which is always bound to happen. Also, the quick release design and usability is fantastic- simple, well executed, and it just works. 11/10- I will be using these whenever I have the opportunity. Well done!

  7. Grant

    I’ve had these support rods on my Integra for two years. They’ve survived numerous off-track excursions without batting an eye.

    Note: splurge a bit on the ‘Fancy’ clevises. I went with the standard option, but have since upgraded. They provide a nice backing surface, meaning no awkward spacers are needed.

  8. Masters of OutofSTock

    OUT OF STOCK…Whenever I want to buy a product, they are out of stock here forcing me to piece all the parts elsewhere

  9. Daniel O’Donnell

    We’re doing our best to minimize out of stock items, I swear it!

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