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  • Designed and Optimized in CFD to ensure the best possible performance in a small package.
  • The vent’s design promotes air extraction by interrupting the boundary layer flow and creating a low pressure “bubble” to increase efficiency.
  • Sides on an extractor system are of critical importance as they ensure that the “bubble” created by the inclines are not instantly filled by air wrapping around its edges, effectively reducing the vents usefulness.
  • Significantly reduces under fender pressure by extracting air, which reduces lift.
  • Vents can be used on either the hood or fender locations. Caution, keep away from hot areas as the ABS can deform under high temperatures.
  • Use in conjunction with our Splitter Diffusers for maximum downforce gains.
  • Engineered by Professional Awesome and manufactured in the U.S.A.
  • Made from high-quality, durable ABS plastic.
  • Dimensions: 12″ long, 3.5″ wide, with a 1″ flange on the long sides and a 0.5″ flange on the short ends.
  • 2 vents included per purchase.

Note- these are racecar parts and will need to be cleaned up to be show car ready. Designed for outright performance at a fair price, not for impressing people at NOPI Nationals.

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Weight.55 lbs
Dimensions13.49 × 5.49 × 1.24 in

7 reviews for Professional Awesome Vents/Air Extractors – Pair

  1. James Houghton

    These vents are fantastic. Very durable but flexible as well. Most fenders and hoods aren’t completely flat but these will form to meet almost any shape. A great addition to the splitter diffusers these will help evacuate the high pressure air from your fenders and help make even more downforce.

    There is a lot of people doing a lot of diy aero on their cars and using vents made for other applications as hood and fender vents. The problem with them is there is typically no CFD work to make sure the vents will actually efficiently evacuate the air. The Professional Awesome Team CFD designs all of their parts to make sure the shape will be the most efficient possible!

  2. Shawn Krebsbach

    Well designed product! I installed these in conjunction with the splitter diffusers to get the most out of both products. They are a little higher on the difficulty scale to install, but in the end I couldn’t be happier with how they look and perform!

  3. Bart Krupa

    Super happy with the product. It was fairly easy to install. The hardest part was making sure that the hole to be cut was the right size the 1st time. Plus the guys are super cool and were able to deliver the product to me at a track weekend! They also took the time to explain to me the best location on the fender to install the vents for the best results. 10/10 happy customer and I will be buying more products as needed!

  4. Dan Foley (verified owner)

    These vents work great on my Evo x fenders. With a little bit of heat I was able to get them to fit perfectly on the complex shape of the fenders. The fact that they actually work and we’re cfd designed made them an obvious choice!

  5. isiah bishop (verified owner)

    if you could add 31 stars to the original five, that would be great.

    i just received these vents and they look good, and feel right.

    i decided to flex them to feel what i was dealing with, i bent one of them with one hand on each end, and cracked one of them, but still awfully pleased. i’ll post pictures of them installed after i install them. don’t try to bend them more than you’d bend your dog’s leg.

    but a complaint: we’re supposed to be staying/getting/being in shape to race, And, i notice a lot of “performance shops” sending us candy with our orders, send us some stupid thing for our car, not something to fund out dentists and rivals.

    * shipping was fast as can be, thank you, and keep writing articles.

    thanks, your slumloaRd

  6. sam davis (verified owner)

    Quick delivery, parts were good quality

  7. Jason (verified owner)

    Fast shipping great product

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