Professional Awesome Racing CIRT

Pre-release sensors are available! Contact for pricing.

The Professional Awesome Racing CAN bus Infrared Temperature sensor (CIRT) is a CAN based, multi-zone sensor constructed for use in harsh, motorsports environments. The CIRT is designed for high accuracy, versatility and ease of use while offering plug and play installation. Configurable to report up to 16 temperature zones, the CIRT also supports 50hz sampling rates with bus speeds up to 1M bit per second. IC temperature and gradient compensated for reliable performance, the CIRT also has an RGB LED indicator for diagnostics and setup. 

Thriving Under Stress

A racecar is a place where brute force and sensitivity work together for success and the CIRT has been designed with this in mind. Staying precise and accurate under the toughest conditions, the CIRT is fully sealed against vibration and moisture with its metal casing, electrically double-shielded construction and industry standard waterproof connectors. It has no gaskets or flanges to fail with external threading that allows for simple installation and protective lenses to be added. Additionally, the CIRT exceeds IP67 ingress protection levels.

Easy ProAwe Sensor Management Setup

•Download available free app from the Microsoft App Store.
•Simple USB based configuration. Automatically knows when it’s connected to a computer for configuration.
•A CAN bus connection is not required to configure the sensor.
•Automatic generation of CAN DBC file to make adding sensors to any system plug and play.
•Link to software ProAwe Sensor Manager.


Extremely small all-in-one form factor. Mounting is achieved with ½” hole and simple lock nuts. Brackets can be supplied where needed. 


Plug and Play CAN bus hubs and harnesses are available. Contact us for adapters to other connection types.


Sensor TechnologyThermopile array
Sensor Resolution16 temperature zones (16 x 4 array), (Higher Zone density available on request, up to 32 x 24 array)
Object temperature range-20°C to 1000°C (Dependent on sensor selection)
Field of view40, 60 and 120 (degree) variants
Accuracy+/-1 °C nominal
Temperature zones (tire)1, 2, 4, 8,16 Zones (staggered across 4 CAN messages for efficient consumption) (User configurable via app)
Sample rate1 – 50Hz (Higher if requested) (User configurable via app)
ConnectivityUSB and CAN bus
ConfigurationVia Dedicated USB connected App (ProAwe Sensor Manager)
EmissivityDefault 1.0 (User configurable via app)
Ambient temperature compensationAutomatic 
InterfaceCAN 2.0, (USB2.0)
Supply voltage5 – 24 VDC
Supply Current<30mA @ 5VDC
HarnessDeutsch DTM04-4P, >300mm length double shielded cable
CAN bus
CAN baud rate125K, 250K, 500K and 1M, (User configurable via app)
Address spaceCompletely customizable, 4 standard addresses included for easy setup, LF, RF, RR, LR. (User configurable via app)
TerminationNo Termination
Physical / Environmental
HousingThread brass (Stainless Steel Upon Request)
Dimensions52L x 12.7D (mm)
Weight (full assembly)55g
Operating temperature-40°C to 85°C
IP ratingIP67

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