Keep Yourself Safe From Indecent Exposure With an Official PA! T-Shirt!

Do you find yourself constantly running out of sweet shirts to wear? Are you concerned that your current crop of clothing isn’t supporting your favorite race team? Now you can put those worries to rest once and for all with a brand-new, hand made (in our friend Craig’s basement), official Professional Awesome T-Shirt!

The PA! Shirt, model not included. Shirts are currently only available in white, but more colors can come if our fans demand it!

Revel in all of its awesome glory; become the envy of t-shirt lovers everywhere! Made with the finest screen printing techniques and inks over a durable and comfortable 100% cotton heavyweight T, the PA! T-Shirt lives up to the Professional Awesome name.

To order your PA! Shirt as well as other swag and services, head over to our products page!

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