Team Introduction

The Professional Awesome team is comprised of a small team of dedicated enthusiasts who have a shared passion for automotive performance. We come from different automotive backgrounds and allegiances, but we can all agree that above all, a car must be powerful, responsive, and have endless grip – or at the very least be earth-shakingly loud.

As Eric Bana put it in “Love the Beast”, the car is our campfire – it’s where we all gather.

Each member brings their own views to the team and this blending of ideologies is what sets Professional Awesome apart from other teams. Where Mike may demand that the car ravage the track with sheer brute strength (or else he’ll do it himself), I may go for a Colin Chapman-esque approach, putting suspension tuning above all. Dan would be happy with either, so long as it puts him on the podium.

The team having a pow-wow and discussing what needs to be done for the upcoming season. As per usual, I’m behind the lens, but I swear I contributed!

In 2009, Dan O’Donnell, Mike Lewin, and Alec Cervenka decided that they were going to take their grassroots racing efforts to a new level. The creation of Professional Awesome has brought the three together with a focus on winning a multitude of events, all the while working with a strict (and enthusiast-level (read:poor-man’s)) budget. The team hopes that they can set an example for others to follow and hope to bring more awareness to the many motorsports outlets available to enthusiasts.

Moments after our podium finish was announced, I was able to sneak this candid shot of Dan and Lewin.

Keep a look out as Professional Awesome plans to attend many events in 2010 and we’ll be happy to show you how a small group of people and a load of dedication can make a winning combination!

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