The Sponsors, They Love Us! So Should You.

Professional Awesome would like to welcome our five newest sponsors:

Cosworth leverages its successful motor sport pedigree, performance technology expertise and globally recognized brand to provide high quality engineered solutions for a growing customer base across diverse industries.

Over the years, Cosworth have developed in-depth knowledge of engines, engine components and engine management systems. This has been successfully used to supply engines to some of the most successful Formula One teams and vehicle manufacturers. Our unprecedented success in the performance market has fueled customer demand from diverse market sectors.

Professional Awesome will be using Cosworth’s FSL Metal Headgasket.
5 Zigen USA
5Zigen USA is the USA division of 5Zigen International Inc of Japan. The name “5Zigen” means “5 dimensions”, transcending a profound insight and sets forth a precedent for the company – product developments beyond time and space. That’s why 5Zigen has been diligently doing research and development since 1987; to offer end-users with high quality and stylish performance products.
5Zigen has been actively participating in many race events – Suzuka RS Race, F-3 Championship, N1 Endurance Race, F3000, Japan Touring Car Championship, Japan GT Championship – and has gained impressive achievements.
Professional Awesome will be using 5Zigen’s FN01R-C wheels for the 2010 season.
BLOX Racing
BLOX Racing is dedicated to the development of high quality performance products and accessories for today’s import and sport compact enthusiast. Each product is designed and manufactured using the latest in cutting-edge technologies, processes and materials and then tested using rigorous standards. Each BLOX Racing product is designed to work with one another, giving enthusiasts the proper foundation and building blocks for developing the right performance combination.
Professional Awesome will be using BLOX Racing’s Engine Mount and Chro-Moly Wheel lug nuts.
Zeitronix has been a part of the racing scene for many years, supporting race teams in US and around the world by offering high grade automotive electronics since 1998.??To assure the highest quality, Zeitronix’s products are designed using tough military standards and industrial derating guidelines, believing that consumer grade electronics have no place in a tough automotive environment. Zeitronix’s engineering group has years of experience designing military, medical, automotive and industrial electronics. All our products are designed, manufactured and fully tested in USA.
Professional Awesome will be using Zeitronix’s ZT-2 Wideband O2 sensor and datalogging package and 3.5 Bar MAP sensor.

Girodisc is guided under the direction of company Principal Martin Meade, who spent five years as an Engineer with Porsche Engineering Services, where he played a role in developing current Porsche technology. Martin began his engineering career working in Aerospace, developing tools and components for special projects. Martin has developed a critical eye and will not accept anything but the best quality. Girodisc designs and engineers the replacement discs after documenting and studying the OE brake system and specifically the disc design. After analyzing the data and determining how best to maximize the benefit of the new disc, the design process is carried out using 3D CAD-CAE (Computer aided drafting, Computer aided engineering).
Professional Awesome will be racing with a customized braking package from Girodisc.

So show your support for Professional Awesome and for our sponsors by clicking on the links below and buying lots of top-quality parts. Tell ‘em Al from Professional Awesome sent ya!

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