Professional Awesome Gets Caged!

Don’t worry, no one got thrown in jail or captured, but we did find a new use for 100 feet of steel tubing!

We’ve officially crossed the point of no return; the Evolution is a race car now.

In creating a true race car, one key ingredient is the roll cage. In order to have a cage that lives up to the high standards set by Professional Awesome, we needed to find a fabricator that would be able to do more than bend pipe and tack it into the Evolution. Luckily for us, we found Joe Barcscz of Cartel. Joe has been in the business of making race cars safe since he was 18 years old.

A view at the cage, look at the seam welds, the boxed mounting points, the perfect welds on the cage… I could go on and on…

His exceptional skills were noticed by John Force (yes, THAT John Force) and he was recruited as the team chassis builder. After years of travelling the country and building some of the fastest drag cars in the nation, Joe decided that he wanted to start his own business in Indianapolis. Professional Awesome were the first road race customers and certainly won’t be the last, as the quality of the cage and the quality of Joe’s service is second to none. Not to mention that he’s just a cool dude too. So go ahead, ogle our cage. Take it all in, and feel free to tell us how jealous you are.

Cartel Contact Info:
Joe Barcscz

Photos courtesy of Elliott Sherwood.

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