A Professionally Awesome Weekend

These past three days were exactly what the Professional Awesome team needed. On Sunday, Dan and I made the trek to Kalamazoo, MI , home of Team RIP Engineering (TRE) to meet with Jon and discuss gearbox and differential options for 2010. We were amazed at just how much one man could know about transmissions, and still manage to be a nice guy. On a side note, he knows the difference between Austenite and Martensite. He’s a smart guy.

The Evolution now goes into hibernation, on jack stands, as we decide how to turn it into a competitive car for Redline Time Attack in 2010.

Monday, the entire Professional Awesome team met with Joe Barszcz, a renowned rollcage and chassis fabricator. We discussed life, past racing experiences, cement shoes (Joe is a New Jersey native, but is a nice guy as well) and all of the fine details involved with roll cage fabrication. After being wowed by Joe’s shop, we pored over the rules for Redline Time Attack and have started working out plans for a roll cage. Be prepared to see some of the finest fabrication work on the Evolution.

While not everything is set in stone, we do know that the Evolution will be seeing some substantial changes!

Today, we managed to land a top-tier suspension sponsor for 2010. Since we are still finalizing the details, we don’t want to let the secret out yet, so you will have to be patient before we make an official announcement. In any case, we’re ecstatic here and very much looking forward to working with (insert world-renowned suspension manufacturer name here) in 2010

Could this week get any better? We’ve got four days left, so we’re sure as hell going to try!

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