Corvette Club Autocross

This weekend found Professional Awesome at their last event of the season, an autocross with the Indiana Region of the National Council of Corvette Clubs. The Professional Awesome Evolution definitely was an unordinary candidate for the American muscle-centric event, but after its first run, the PA Evolution garnered a number of new fans. The Professional Awesome team used the event as a final shakedown of the Evolution before the winter rebuilding takes place.

As expected, the Professional Awesome Evolution set some of the fastest times of the event, only narrowly missing first place. Dan was excited to see that many hours of work had resulted in an outstanding driving machine that could perform exceptionally well across a variety of events. However, Dan isn’t ready to rest on his laurels and is already formulating a plan for next season. While no specifics have been decided upon, the initial plan involves some very important guidelines: more power, more grip, more everything.

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