Planned Livery for 2010

Professional Awesome has decided that the simple monochrome appearance of the Evolution had to undergo a complete overhaul for the 2010 season. Taking a similar approach to that of Takata time attack Impreza, we decided to test the capabilities of Microsoft’s Forza Motorsport 3 vinyl editor to create 2010’s livery. The system proved easy to use and allowed us to visualize the Professional Awesome Evolution racing in some of the most famous race venues in the world. The original design was drawn the old-fashioned way, using pencil and paper, and later evolved into the full-color-bombastic-eye-popping-super-awesome work of automotive art you see before you. While a vinyl artist has not been decided for 2010, we will be looking to discuss possibilities with a number of companies to bring this video game creation into the real world.

Seen here in its virtual guise, we think this livery would work nicely on our car.

For a complete look at the livery, check out the full gallery below.

For more information on Forza and Takata’s Forza-generated livery, click here.

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