Evolution Updates

Now that winter is officially upon us, Professional Awesome has begun the long process of preparing the Evolution for the 2010 race season. What’s in store for your favorite race team you ask? The theme for 2010 can be summed up in one word: More.


In the pits at Nashville.

More Power!
More Events!
More Brakes!
More Suspension!
More Aerodynamics!
More Body Graphics!
More Website Content!
More Possibly Incriminating Photos!
Most importantly, more AWESOME!!!

We’ve already decided to work on the more power and more suspension aspects of the Evolution build, which is why the car looks the way it does in the picture to the right. The suspension is currently with the experts at JRZ Suspension being dyno tested and given a thorough once-over. The engine is now out of the car, ready to get a refreshening and possible a build up for more power… Check back for updates!

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