Professional Awesome Insight Front Lower Ball Joint Adapter

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Are you engine swapping a 2000-2006 Honda Insight and need a OEM level solution for your front control arm lower ball joint? Professional Awesome has designed and manufactured the solution for you! These ball joint adapters allow the use of an EM2/DC5/EP3 spindle and lower ball joint, which increases strength, safety and serviceability compared to other “solutions” out there.

-Sold as a pair.
-Precision machined from 4140 pre-hardened alloy steel.
-Redundant locking systems for safety.
-Allow for use of EM2/DC5/EP3 spindle and lower ball joint.
-Improved suspension rigidity.
-Greatly enhanced serviceability.
-Improved suspension geometry.
-Serviceable components available at most local auto parts stores.

With these adapters, machining of the stock lower control arm will be required.

Notes on our concerns with adapters that retain the stock Insight lower control arm ball joint:

-Utilizing the stock Insight ball joint for the amount of power a K series can produce is risky as it is significantly undersized for those potential loads. The OEM ball joint studs are known to snap on K series swaps. Additionally, the stock ball joint rides in a plastic cup, in the aluminum arm. This allows for a lot of additional wear when put under load, loosening the joint significantly. Aftermarket Insight arms are made to a worse standard than OEM, keep that in mind if you have to replace your arms.

Designs without snap rings. We have seen adapters produced without snap rings and if a large enough bump is hit, the press fit adapters can loosen or pop out of the knuckle.

Annoying serviceability. With these adapters, the strut has to be removed anytime you need to service or swap an axle and the strut and axle have to be removed anytime you need to service your lower control arm.

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Weight.47 lbs
Dimensions3.9 × 1.9 × 1.24 in

2 reviews for Professional Awesome Insight Front Lower Ball Joint Adapter

  1. Steven (verified owner)

    A must have if you’re building a k series Insight. I use these on my personal car and have put thousands of trouble free miles on them. Great product.

  2. Bennie Shapiro

    A must for modding the stock Insight control arm.

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