Professional Awesome Heads to SEMA!

Mike Lewin and Grant Davis have started on their journey to SEMA (Specialty Equipment Marketing Association) and will display the Professional Awesome Racing Evo November 2nd through the 5th for the 100,000 expected visitors. We were invited by Zeitronix, our wideband tuning/datalogging sponsor, to be shown in the feature vehicles section.


I believe Grant is going to be using the time in Nevada to hang out with the Sierra Sierra and FXMD Time Attack teams to try and get a trip to Japan’s fabled Tsukuba race circuit. Lewin is planning on having a ‘crisis’ when he is in a town with not 1, but 10 Popeye’s Chicken restaurants. I plan on crying for missing out on all the shenanigans.

Thanks for the Invite Zeitronix!
Thanks for the Invite Zeitronix!

We are looking to attract new sponsors to the team for the 2011 season. Preferable sponsors with cash and a reckless abandon to spend it on us. We will probably not be competing in the Redline Time Attack series, but will instead focus on regional NASA Time Trials. The goal is to keep the car eligible for Redline’s Street Tire class with a possible appearance at the season finale to show people Professional Awesome is still a force to be reckoned with.

Lewin's Green Cage
Lewin’s Green Cage

Keep an eye on the site and Facebook page for updates on Grant and Lewin’s adventures and if anyone has questions about sponsorship, give me an email at


Too much cleaning involved!
Too much cleaning involved!

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