Record Setting Lap at Infineon, in Video Form

Hello again, loyal fans of Professional Awesome Racing! All the rumors that I have been abducted by aliens/pirates/pygmies have been grossly exaggerated! I’ve just been slaving away at work, while the rest of the guys have been busy breaking records. My priorities aren’t in order and I look to fix that soon. Promise.

Dan-O passed this video along to me and I thought that I would be kind enough to share it with everyone on the internets! Take a ride along in the fastest AWD Street car in America and see what it’s like to go flat-out on one of the most challenging road courses in the nation! Without further ado, I present (with a great sense of pride, mind you) Professional Awesome’s record-breaking lap at Infineon Raceway, during the final round of the Global Time Attack series.

We can’t thank our sponsors, fellow racers, GTA event organizers, friends, and families enough! Without help from all of you, we would not have been able to come this far and crush this many records. All of us here at Professional Awesome Racing are looking forward to 2012 and we don’t plan on resting on our laurels – look for more broken records next season!

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