No Extra Bolts, No Loose Ends. Let’s See How She Runs!

2.59 AM, First Day of Testing, Leaving at 5 AM… I’d say that it’s going to be a long night, but we’re already well into the morning…


Ours was the only light on in our neighborhood. Sleep is for the weak.

It’s a rarity in the grassroots motorsports world to have a car finished well ahead of its track debut. In fact, it almost seems like poor practice to have a car ready more than a day before its first outing. It wouldn’t be a proper race car if it wasn’t constantly being work on. This isn’t to say that the Evolution hasn’t been seeing a constant stream of activity for the past several months; just take a look at our build gallery to see how far the team has come!

Though, on second thought… Maybe sleep wouldn’t be such a bad idea after all.

The final touches are being finished on the Evolution, with the completion of our front splitter (‘effin baller status), seat brackets (stout and “Mike Perfect”), mounting of the tires on our new 5Zigen wheels (“‘effin titty sprinkles”), final wiring, harness bar, and a whole list of things that escape my sleep-deprived mind.

Fresh tires on fresh wheels: Grant getting fresh with aforementioned wheels and tires.

All and all, tomorrow today should be a great day up at Gingerman Raceway and we’ll finally see how all of this hard work has paid off. Of course, we here at Professional Awesome! would also like to thank our sponsors for all of their effort and support, we certainly wouldn’t be as far along if it weren’t for them! So do the right thing, go to our Sponsors section, click on each each link, buy lots of stuff and tell them we sent you! As much as I’d like to say it’s nap time, I’m heading back to the garage now. Keep an eye on our Twitter tomorrow for updates as the day progresses!

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