Updates and VICTORY!

Some of the more attentive readers may have noticed a distinct lack of updates on the site… I would have to agree that there has been a lack of updates that you can all see, but worry not – there’s been plenty of work going on behind the scenes.

Very soon we will be rolling out an all-new website that will be better, faster, more aesthetically pleasing, and best of all, easier for us all to update and interact with you, out fans. So keep your eyes peeled on our Twitter and Facebook pages for the time being, as we can give you quick updates, such as our FIRST PLACE VICTORY AT AUTOBAHN COUNTRY CLUB THIS WEEKEND.

Dan, celebrating his victory at the Autobahn Country Club. We still need to teach him proper uncorking technique, but at this rate, we’re sure he’ll learn quickly.

That’s right kids, PA! had its first taste of champagne as Dan stood proud in the winner’s circle this weekend, with his time of 1:34.727 putting him ahead of the rest of the Street Class, breaking the old track record in the process. One year ago, PA! was founded at Autobahn CC, so it’s only appropriate that we claim victory at our home track.

Did I mention that we took first place at Autobahn this weekend?

Take a look at Redline’s debrief of the weekend (*update* this link no longer exists) and check out our Facebook page – I’d love to give you a better rundown, but I have to get the new site up and running! Expect a very thorough and full-bodied race report to christen our new website. Until then, click through the links for more info!


Also, did I mention that we’re in the running for an east coast championship?

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