Welcome to the New Professional Awesome! Site

That’s right everyone, the time has finally come. No more ugly html and css coding, no more random spacing of pictures and text, no more limitations on media embedding. We’ve upgraded!


Imagine that piece of bar as the internet and the die grinder is my keyboard. It’s a bit of a stretch, but it’s still a fair analogy of me working on the website.

After some long nights and days, I present to you Professional Awesome! 2.0! Since switching to a new web designing program, we’ve unlocked a whole mess of potential to not only bring you more content (with live updates at the track possible) but you the loyal reader will also be able to get more involved with the site! All of your favorite classic PA! posts will be carried over to our new setup, though it may take a little time, so be patient! In the meantime, take a look around, let me know what you think of the look and feel of the site and feel free to comment away! But my work is never officially over, just like the rest of the team, so I’m going to keep plugging away at this coding business! If you have any suggestions for what you would like to see on the site, let me know and I’ll do my best to accommodate, because I live for the fans.


This about sums up how excited we are about the new website. I’m sure you’re all jumping at you computer right now too!


5 thoughts on “Welcome to the New Professional Awesome! Site

  1. Just imported the backlog of PA! posts, but it looks like iWeb wouldn’t let them go without a fight. Excuse the mess as I go through and make sure all the formatting and graphics load properly.

  2. It is mandatory of any group of car guys that I’m affiliated to jump for joy at least once per event. Oddly enough, we didn’t do this after we won at Autobahn… We’ll just have to jump twice at Sebring to make up for it!

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